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What others are saying:

I’m truly grateful to have had the chance to work with Julia!

I was struggling with an overwhelming feeling of being stuck after several years of doing jobs I didn’t like, but I also had a lot of fear about making the leap to something new.

Julia was insightful and patient in helping me identify patterns, things that do and don’t work for me, the particular ways I process information, my natural strengths, next steps for me, and more. I’m truly grateful to have had the chance to work with her!

DM, Oakland, CA

I was really struggling a lot with who I was and where I was going. [Working with Julia] helped me acknowledge my self-worth and taught me to be confident in who I am.

People who are close to me say that I seem a lot better – more focused on my future and the here-and-now.  I know that I’m a good person, I have good qualities, I’m smart, and I can get through anything.

HB, Kansas City, MO

I recommend her in the strongest possible way.

I hated where I lived and I hated my job, but there was a part of me that doubted whether it was worth it to try to leave. Julia gave me the energy to continue looking and enough knowledge of myself that I realized I had to move on for my own health.

Then, she got me focused on what I really wanted from the next stage in my life, what I needed to do to get there, and helped me to deal with any hidden or buried causes of stress as they came up.

Now, I have a job that has better pay, better benefits, and let me move to a location that I wanted to live in! I recommend her in the strongest possible way.

MF, Chicago, IL

I was going through a professional transition and was looking for some direction as far as what I wanted both professionally and personally. I was also just feeling a loss of direction in terms of what my passions were and what I wanted to be pursuing. I was feeling a bit adrift both when it came to my work and my personal life.

I was hoping for - and definitely got -  a place to not have it all together and to be able to be fully open with the challenges I’m experiencing. What I really value the most is that it's not just talking about feelings and emotions - it's also very practical.

Having strategic steps to try to improve on a day-to-day basis is very important for a person like me. Every time I come out of a session I feel refreshed and more empowered to take on some of the challenges that I face personally.

LJ, Kansas City, MO

Julia is a phenomenal coach.

Julia is a phenomenal coach. She's incredibly warm and caring, and committed to serving her clients to the best of her ability. After working with Julia for three months, I quit a job that I had long been unhappy with, and came away with much more clarity about my next professional steps.

I’m not sure I would have had the confidence to make this move had I not worked with Julia. I would refer her to anyone looking for a skilled coach to support them in a potential career transition.

AT, Oakland, CA

I was entering a new job and wasn't sure if that's what I wanted to be doing. I wanted to develop a picture of a next step and find strategies for contentment where I'm at.

Now, I feel all right about my situation, looking at what the next step looks like and definitely feeling better about where I am.

Julia is super supportive and helps you process what you're thinking about your career and even your life more broadly. She also points you to resources that will be helpful for where you're at.

BG, Columbia, MO

Working with Julia is a boost of confidence that spurs you into action from the heart.

I had started my own business but I wasn't sure if it was the right fit and wanted to explore a possible career transition. The exploration with Julia keeping me on track was absolutely worthwhile and worth the money. I was looking for clarity, encouragement and a 'second eye' from someone not related to me - I got that and more!

Working with Julia is a boost of confidence that spurs you into action from the heart. It made the search enjoyable and I've got an interview landed with a job that seems to be a great fit, which would not have come about but for this program.

I would recommend it to a friend stuck in a job or a job search. It's a refreshing experience and having a scheduled appointment gets me to a place of action."

AV, Kansas City, MO

I had been underemployed doing contract work for several years, living and earning well below my potential and education. Julia helped me evaluate the narrative I had created for myself and gain clarity about what I wanted. Now I have a clearer set of goals and am working an action plan to obtain them.

FB, Kansas City, MO

I discovered Julia around college graduation; I was extremely anxious about career options and felt totally lost. Working with Julia proved to be not only a great chance to explore different career possibilities, but also an opportunity to reflect on my way of thinking that might be getting in the way of finding a successful career.

I can't imagine going through one of the most difficult times without her counsel and brightness. Julia has a great sense of humor and really made things easy for a first-time client.

JZ, Columbia, MO