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The reading you did for me was spot on and SO helpful for me in reaching my personal and professional goals. 100% recommend thank you thank you

Tarot is a powerful tool for making intuitive connections and getting clarity about a situation. The use of archetypal imagery and metaphor opens us up to insights where we least expect them. This information helps us make good decisions about what to do next.

Because the cards reflect universal experiences, it's like getting 78 possible perspectives - more than most people can come up with on their own.

Much like coaching, it can be difficult to do a tarot reading for yourself. Your own hopes, fears, and projections get in the way of seeing clearly. That's where I come in!

Client: very helpful and yesssss makes sense and is blowing my mind all at once hah Me: Sounds like I did my job then C: I think YES.


My Tarot Philosophy

We give things meaning by paying attention to them, and so moving your attention from one thing to another can absolutely change your future. Exactly who or what is doing the work here - whether fate is choosing the card, or your unconscious, or random chance - doesn’t matter as much as the act of seeing, sensing, and paying attention.
— Jessa Crispin, "The Creative Tarot"

I see the cards as a mirror - a way to glimpse our hidden facets, shadows, and reflections. Tarot is a fundamentally empowering tool that gives us the information we need to make decisions about what to focus on and what to do next.

Because I’m a coach, I’m always going to encourage you to move towards action. Clarity is nice, but you also need a way to take those insights into the real world. 

I don’t do time-based predictions. In other words: you won’t get an answer to “Will I find a new [partner / job / apartment / pet tarantula] in the next six months?”

However, you will get a better understanding of how to best set yourself up for success (and/or tarantula-ownership) and insight into what might be holding you back.

Asking The Right Question

One of the hardest things about getting a reading is choosing a good question. It can be challenging to find one that covers everything you want to know about a given situation!

That’s why one of my favorite questions is “What do I need to know about [achieving my goal]?”

(If “goal” brings up all kinds of productivity-related ick for you, feel free to reframe it as “desire.”)

Your goal could be related to your career, finances, a relationship, health, a big decision…almost anything. Framing your question in terms of a goal or desire helps me be more specific when it comes to guidance.

Compare “What do I need to know about my career?” to “What do I need to know about finding a job I actually like?” or “What do I need to know about improving my relationship with my difficult boss?”

The first question is like going to a financial planner and asking them what to do with your money without telling them any of your priorities or hopes for the future. Think about how much more helpful they'd be if you said, “What should I do with my money if I want to retire at 55?”

Specificity matters.

Creating the Spread

A spread is an arrangement of cards that interact with each other and illuminate different facets of your situation. One of my current favorites is a versatile spread known as the Romany Horseshoe. I use this all the time because it covers almost every aspect of a situation.

Here are the assigned meanings for each of the seven cards:

Card 1 / The Past: What is the root of the situation? What past actions or situations are operative today? How is the past affecting the present?

Card 2 / The Present: How is the situation playing out right now? What are the current prevailing conditions? What resonance does the situation have right now?

Card 3 / Hidden Influences: What are you missing? What is hidden, suppressed, unconscious, or shadowed about the situation?

Card 4 / Obstacles: What are the forces arrayed against a positive outcome? What issues or people challenge progress? What obstacles present themselves?

Card 5 / Environment: Which friends and family members are influencing the situation? Whose interests are at stake here? Where is the intent of the person here?

Card 6 / Advice: What actions might improve the outcome? What attitudes might change things for the better? What course corrections would help to hit the mark?

Card 7 / Outcome: What is the outcome of the situation likely to be without any concessions to the advice given by the previous card? What kind of future events might transpire, given current prevailing conditions?

(Follow-up questions borrowed from the Fool’s Dog Tarot App.)

If there’s an aspect of the situation not covered by these cards that you want to address, you can sub up to 5 of these questions with more specific ones (you’ll get instructions and some suggestions during the checkout process). The present and advice cards will always be included. 


"I have read this reading 3 times and can totally sense the difference between a Tarot reader and a Tarot coach's work, this reading is definitely more meaningful to me and your suggestions made lots of sense to me at the same time."


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"I went back to the one you did for me and re-read it all from a year ago and WHOA. Still relevant and amazed by the different perspective I have a year+ later. It keeps giving!"


“You hit the nail right on the head with me and how I’ve been feeling spiritually and physically. This was a brand new experience for me when it comes to tarot readings, but I can tell you that this was extremely meaningful for me. Not only was it validating for the feelings that I am experiencing right now, but your reading also forced me to confront a lot of my personal conflict that I don’t often directly look at.”


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