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Let’s make some magic!


how to get the most out of your ritual kit.

Without context and creativity, your box is just a collection of random objects. Meaning and intention is what gives them power.

Start with the video introduction.

I suggest that you start with the video above and follow along as I go through each item in your kit. You’ll learn a bit about the brain science behind ritual, the traditional meaning of each object, and a few ways to use and combine them for maximum effectiveness.

Meditation Support Resources

As you’ll see in the video, I recommend a regular meditation routine to enhance your ritual practice. This doesn’t have to be complicated or elaborate! Here are a few resources to help you get started if you don’t already have one in place:

Next, visit the Summoning Circle

(password: enterthecircle). This is a virtual online ritual space I designed just for you. You’ll get lots of ideas for using it at the link!

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