I’ve received a few questions about Career Reboot – I’d love to share the answers in case you have similar questions of your own.

(Of course, if you have questions that aren’t answered, just leave a comment or ask in the contact form below – I’ll be happy to give you the answers you need.)

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Now, let’s take a look at those questions.

Q: ) I’m a stay-at-home mom, but I’m starting to think about going back to work. Will this class be useful even if I don’t have a job right now?

A: ) Absolutely. You’ll benefit from Career Reboot no matter what kind of job history you have. That also goes for new grads who don’t have a lot of experience yet!

Q: ) I can’t make [one or more] of the classes.

A: ) No problem! You’ll get recordings and transcripts of all the classes. You’ll also be able to submit questions ahead of time and get them answered on the call – even if you can’t listen live.

Q: ) I want to figure out what I’m passionate about. Will this class help me do that?

A: ) I’m leery of the word “passion” as it relates to a career because it can have a “Prince Charming” kind of feel to it, like “Oh, once I find my passion, everything in my life will be perfect.”

What this class does is help you put your past experiences in context so that you can see your interests, values, and priorities more clearly and chart a career path that incorporates them in a way that’s right for you. Less glamorous than a bolt-of-lightning realization, but much more reliable. 🙂

Q: ) I’ll be retiring in a few years and I’m not really interested in a new career, but I would like some help planning what to do next.

A: ) Career Reboot can absolutely help with that. Instead of thinking in terms of employment, you can apply the concepts to what hobbies you might want to explore or what volunteer opportunities you’re interested in. It’s the same basic process, just with a different end goal.

Q: ) Will you be going over resumes, cover letters, or interview tips?

A: ) I might share a few resources on the course materials page, but my take is that it’s a lot easier to Google “how to format a resume” than “what do I do with my life,” so the course itself will make the most of your time by focusing on the stuff that’s harder to figure out on your own.

Do you have questions of your own?

If you do, just ask in the form or leave a comment and I’ll be happy to answer them for you.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll take a look at Career Reboot and see what’s inside – I think you’re really going to like it!

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